BSR24, an OptibodiesTM for detection of CD117 is launched!

Nordic BioSite is proud to announce that BSR24, anti-CD117, a new member of the OptibodiesTM portfolio has been launched.

Clone BSR24, anti-CD 117 (OptibodiesTM, Nordic BioSite), has been optimized and validated to meet increasing demands in immunohistochemistry. Clone BSR24 exhibits the following key features:

  • High affinity and specificity
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Optimized for high pH HIER
  • Excellent stability

The images below show staining of appendix and GIST sections with BSR24.

Appendix (left) and GIST (right) stained with anti-CD117 (BSR24) in 1:200 dilution. In appendiceal muscularis propria a strong predominantly membranous but also cytoplasmic staining reaction is seen in the Cajal cells. Also, a strong predominantly membranous staining reaction of mast cells in lamina propria can be seen. In the GIST section a strong staining reaction is seen in all neoplastic cells.


Would you like to try out BSR24? Ask your local representative for a sample!

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