Consultancy Offered – Locally or Remotely

There are times when even though you are very experienced within a field, your own resources aren’t enough. When this happens, don’t worry, as there’s help available!

Did you know that you can use BioSiteHisto’s expertise just by consulting our scientists about your histological and immunohistological problems? Our scientists can provide consultancy locally or remotely, and we are pleased to perform the most challenging projects in our laboratory, or to compare results in an inter-laboratory manner.

Our staff is highly trained in the areas of histology and advanced immunohistochemical applications, e.g., multiplexing with chromogenic or fluoro-chromogcenic detections. Tell us more about your projects and needs – together we will find the best possible solution in pre-analytical, analytical or post-analytical phases. Not to mention our imaging and image analysis services!

Last but not least; the Christmas holiday season is approaching fast! And while are probably looking forward to the holidays as much as everyone else,  our lab will keep up with the routines and the normal flow of samples.

BioSiteHisto will provide full service through the holiday season; we are ready when you are!