Let Us Analyze Your ELISA!

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a good choice when detecting and quantifying substances, such as proteins, antibodies and hormones. This plate-based, biochemical technique is a test that uses color change to identify a target substance. ELISA analyses are usually performed in 96-well polystyrene plates, which will help bind antibodies and proteins in the sample. Due to immobilization and bounding of reagents, ELISA is easy and definite to perform. However, it can be a quite laborious and time-consuming method, as it requires precise pipetting and a great deal of manual work. The type of analyzed samples can be almost anything; plasma or serum, urine or stool, saliva, ascites, cells or cell culture media, and different animal origins as well.

BioSiteHisto has a long experience in ELISA analyses. We offer ELISA services to routine and advanced applications. BioSiteHisto offers ELISAs, for example, to drug studies, using idiotypic antibodies against antibody-based drug compounds. With a perfectly polished technique, we will retrieve the most accurate data from your samples. We will also calculate and evaluate the results for you. As any other research in our laboratory, ELISA can also be performed in GLP or non-GLP with the appropriate report. Please contact us to learn more about our ELISA services!