Optibodies™ – When Good Is Not Enough

Optibodies™ are a collection of carefully optimized CE/IVD certified monoclonal antibodies that demonstrate excellence in clinical immunohistochemistry QC programs e.g., NordicQC. BioSiteHisto’s own immunohistochemistry experts test and optimize monoclonal antibody candidates according to external QC recommendations regarding control tissues and staining criteria, and the key criteria for each Optibody™ is specificity and high affinity towards its target epitope. These rigorous criteria ensure that only the very best antibodies enter the exclusive collection, which to date consists of 75 Optibodies.

Optimal conditions

The Optibodies™ represent a broad panel of monoclonal antibodies, specified for the most clinically and diagnostically important markers, that have already been optimized under controlled laboratory conditions. One major advantage to using Optibodies™ is their fine-tuned concentrations and conditions that facilitate ease of use across different research platforms. Since it is not necessary to find the right dilution, incubation time, blocking and detection conditions when using Optibodies™, our customers save valuable time for their clinical or research samples. These features separate Optibodies™ from other immunohistochemistry-compatible antibodies on the market.

High lot-to-lot consistency

In addition to the advantages outlined above, Optibodies™ also exhibit high lot-to-lot consistency and stability. Our carefully developed antibody buffer keeps Optibodies™ stable at temperatures ranging from 4 °C to room temperature (25 °C), and no decrease in staining performance was observed even after maturation testing at 37 °C for 6 months.

Validated cross-reactivity

Although they are designed with diagnostics in mind, we test all Optibodies™ on tissues originating from multiple animal species, namely sheep, dog, mouse, rabbit, rat and pig. Such cross reactivity evaluations benefit researchers studying non-human species, and further extend the value of Optibodies™ as a valuable tool for many veterinary and basic research laboratories.

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