Optimal results for EpCAM OptibodiesTM in NordiQC assessment!

Nordic BioSite is proud to announce that our OptibodiesTM, clone BS14, for detection of EpCAM is shown to be robust and able to provide optimal staining result on different staining platforms in external quality assessments.

Clone BS14, anti-EpCAM (OptibodiesTM, Nordic BioSite), has been optimized and validated to meet the increasing demands in immunohistochemistry and display the following key features:

  • High affinity and specificity
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Optimized for high pH HIER
  • Excellent stability

In the spring assessment by NordiQC, staining protocols from different participants using clone BS14, anti-EpCAM were assessed. BS14 was able to provide optimal staining results on different IHC platforms and standard basic HIER buffers. The robustness and ease of use makes BS14 an excellent alternative for more challenging clones.

The images show staining of kidney section (left) and colon carcinoma (right) with EpCAM, BS14. BS14 shows a strong, predominantly membranous, staining reaction in epithelial cells of collective tubules. A weak to moderate reaction is also observed in epithelial cells of the proximal tubules, and on epithelial cells lining the Bowman capsule as membranous staining. In colon carcinoma, virtually all the neoplastic cells show a moderate to strong membranous staining.


More information and more high-quality images are available at nordicbiosite.com