Optimal success with Optibodies in NordiQC!

We are proud to present the results from the last independent quality assessment by NordiQC. Four of our OptibodiesTM, HER2 (clone BSR44), PD-L1 (BSR90), CD8 (clone BSR5) and CK-PAN (clone BS5) achieved optimal result! 

The aim of Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control (NordiQC) is to promote the quality of immunohistochemistry and expand its clinical use by arranging schemes for immunohistochemical proficiency testing and providing examples of recommended protocols, tissue controls and other relevant information including descriptions of epitopes and technical protocol parameters.

The OptibodiesTM to CK-PAN was assessed in run 54 and the comment from NordiQC was:

“Although the number of participants using the mAb clone BS5 within a LD assay was low, this primary Ab seems robust and promising, as all protocols (5 of 5) were assessed as optimal.  This Ab might be an alternative to the more challenging Abs (e.g. MNF116 or AE1/AE3 on specific platforms), performing optimally using a wide spectrum of dilutions (1:100-1:2,500) as long as HIER was performed in alkaline buffer (e.g. BERS2, Leica) and the concentration of the primary Ab was calibrated according to the overall sensitivity of the detection systems applied.” 

For further details see http://www.nordiqc.org/