Rabbit Monoclonals: L1CAM for Endometrial Carcinoma and PD1 for T-Cell Lymphoma Diagnostic

Nordic Biosite is very proud of its rabbit monoclonal antibodies, which offer a great staining performance. Today we have five different rabbit monoclonal Optibodies™, and more to come. We would like to highlight two very interesting rabbit monoclonal Optibodies™; L1CAM (BSR3) and PD1 (BSR1). Numeral studies have shown that L1CAM is an excellent marker for an early stage endometrial carcinomas. L1CAM positive carcinoma predicts poor clinical outcome, and it may be associated with aggressive carcinomas. L1CAM antibody is an essential addition of the endometrium carcinoma panel.

PD1 is a marker of T-cell lymphomas, and especially for anablastic lymphoma. Our BSR1 clone offers intensive signal with specific performance. Test our PD1 antibody, as well as our other antibodies from our Optibodies™ portfolio.

Other rabbit monoclonal Optibodies™ are: CD3 (BSR10), CD7 (BSR9) and P63 (BSR6). These antibodies offer great signal to noise ratio with intensive and specific staining, and they are a very welcome supplement in our collection.