Stem Cells Translational Medicine

BioSiteHisto’s services were acknowledged and made the front cover of the March Issue of Stem Cells Translational Medicine. Of special note is that two of our reliable Optibodies™ were used for the histology part of the study.

Improved quality of life is a major goal for treatment of pelvic floor disorders such as anal incontinence that can be a result of sphincter injury. In the study it was observed that the functional measurements showed improvement in treated groups as compared with controls. In the original article, from authors at Tampere University Hospital, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology the functional outcomes of human adipose stem cell (hASC) injections in a rat model were studied. It was also found that Bulkamid is a suitable carrier for stem cells and that a novel method of micro-computed tomography was useful for targeting the histological slides.

The article is available as open access and you can read the full article here

Kuismanen K., Juntunen M., Narra Girish N., Tuominen H., Huhtala H., Nieminen K., Hyttinen J. and Miettinen S., Stem Cells Transl Med. 2018 Mar,7(3).295-304