Welcome Back from Summer Holidays!

Vacay is over… Getting back to business after the holidays can also be a good for innovation and improved efforts for even better results. Besides going about your normal routine, you might also be looking for new challenges and opportunities. That’s how it works at BioSiteHisto, too! We have been back in our daily routines for a while now, and we are planning new interesting prospects. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about the upcoming autumn!

One part of our weekly routines is the constant flow of processing, embedding and staining different kinds of histological samples, as well as research and samples for diagnostics. In this chain, every sample receives the treatment that is most suitable and fitting for the information requested from it. Your samples could also be part of this flow! Those of you working in the field of diagnostics may be faced with very large numbers of histological samples. Please let us help you with your burden! Don’t hesitate to contact us and request our service portfolio for clinical samples with fair prices. We can assist you with many stages of your workflow, ranging from processing and sectioning, to complex immunohistochemical multi-staining applications.

We provide all of our services with sophisticated methods for preclinical studies in our immunohistochemical core laboratory. BioSiteHisto has expertise within many kinds of xenograft models, especially in the interesting field of immunocheckpoints. Do also ask about our CAR-T-cell immunoassays, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte assays and methods for PD-L1 detection!