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Cross Reactivity Studies

Antibody cross reactive studies gives important information about antibody performance in different animal species or expression levels of target proteins in different tissues in same origin. Antibody cross-reactivity can be tested by immunohistochemical (IHC) staining using a set of selected tissues.

Antibody cross reactivity studies can be divided into the two different services:

  1. Antibody cross reactive studies using tissues from different animal species
  2. Antibody cross reactive studies using different tissues from same origin

This cross reactivity study can be performed together our antibody performance/optimization service or with comparison study using reference antibodies. We offer full report, interpretation of the slides and imaging service if needed.

We have excellent library of multitissue blocks from various animals as well as human tissue. Using our service, we can design multitissue blocks according the study needs or apply for tissues from national tissue bank.

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