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In Vitro Testing

BioSiteHisto offers OECD validated and scientifically validated in vitro tests (regulatory accepted tests), non-regulatory tests and customized tests. We perform our tests in compliance with GLP regulations.

Our service includes but is not restricted to:

Skin corrosion

A validated in vitro reconstituted 3D human normal skin model is used to test the effect of the test item on normal human skin. The test material is applied topically to the model tissue. A possible corrosive substance or material is identified by its ability to produce an irreversible decrease in cell viability. Viability is measured by methyl thiazolium (MTT) assay. The principle of the test is based on the hypothesis that chemicals are able to penetrate the stratum corneum by diffusion or erosion, and are cytotoxic to the underlying cell layers. The test is compliant with OECD TG 431.

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