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Histological stains

BioSiteHisto offers a wide selection of routine and special histological stainings according to the need of the study.

Our routine protocols are valitated and fine tuned for optimal stainings according to the tissue and standards. We also offer stainings according to the protocol of the customer. BioSiteHisto regularly takes part in external quality assessment programs with excellent results.

Some of our routine stainings:

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Histological Stains
Frequently asked questions
What address do I use for sending my samples to BioSite Histo?

BioSiteHisto Hermiankatu 3 FI-33720, Tampere Finland T: +358 20 7432 000

How we can send our samples?

Samples can be sent in various forms:

  • Formalin fixed samples
  • Fresh frozen samples
  • Samples in the buffer
  • Paraffin blocks

Can we perform pilot study or stainings?

We are very keen to perform pilot studies and setting up new methods for customer needs. Pilot studies are always welcome. This minimizes risk for both parties.

I have bone samples, is it better to use undecalcified method or decalcified method

This depends on the aims of the study and the tissue size. We in BSH offer three different options to proceed. It is also possible to splice the tissue for two ore more parts and using two or more methods to process. It is identical if immunohistochemistry or other special stainings needed.

      • Decalcifying with EDTA and paraffin embedding. This ensures excellent staining quality and immunohistochemical analysis.
      • Plastic embedding and hard tissue microtoming. Good option for the medical device studies eg. implant studies etc.
      • Plastic embeddien and grinding, for titanium implants and very hard materials.

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