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With a long experience, BioSiteHisto offers flexible and wide options to study tissue sections using wide selections of quantitative digital solutions. Our expertise is histomorphometry of bone and quantitative immunohistochemistry. We utilize UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) calibrated micrometer for scaling purposes.

Our service includes:

  • Computer-based image analysis or manual counting, e.g. hot spot areas
  • Quantification of histological staining
  • Quantification of immunohistochemical staining
    -Proliferation, mitotic and apoptosis indexes
    -Tumor necrosis area, e.g. in Xenograft tumors
    -DAB area vs. hematoxylin stained area measurements
  • Histomorphometry of bone
    -Trabecular volume and density
    -Osteoid volume
    -Implant areas
    -Osteoconductivity measures
    -Fluorescence-based trabecular bone growth measures

There are also many additional options and tailored possibilities!

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