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BioSiteHisto provides high-quality routine and advanced immunohistochemistry (IHC) with advanced immunohistochemical techniques for human and animal studies.

Compared to fluorescence and biotin based immunodetections, immunoperoxidase staining is more sensitive, permanent and offers valuable information on tissue morphology. At BioSiteHisto, immunostainings can be performed using permanent chromogens like DAB, permanent red and permanent green.

A wide selection of optimized protocols for human, xenograft and different animal tissues have been optimized using multi-tissue sections. BioSiteHisto’s excellent results in external quality assessments of IHC is a  true testament of our standard and GLP compliance. We use Labvision Autostainer immunostainer, which allows staining of a wide range of immunoreagents or even your own reagents if needed.

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